1. The Foot Solutions model is: A proven concept with 5 years of development and 6 years of franchise growth.

2. Site evaluation and selection: We use specific targeted demographics as part of our support and careful selection of real estate.

3. Financing your business: Help in preparation of loan portfolio. Foot Solutions is pre-approved by the SBA and other affiliates.

4. Store design, layout and build-out support.

5. Intensive training program: You will receive an intensive 2-1/2 weeks training program at our Certified Pedorthic Training Center. You will also spend time at a Certified Training Store before opening your own store. Training videos, manuals and monthly conference calls are all part of the ongoing training process plus store set-up and hands on opening support.

6. Operations support: A dedicated team of individuals will help guide you on business controls, processes, inventory management, marketing, grassroots advertising, sales analysis as well as many other business topics.

7. Marketing and advertising support: Planning and designing advertising layouts, seasonal programs and guidance on regional advertising promotions are benefits you can expect as a Foot Solutions franchise owner.

8. Central warehouse: Exclusive products and group purchasing reduces cost and provides increased profits.

9. Protected territory: You will receive an exclusive geographic territory to include a minimum 100,000 population.

10. Annual and regional meetings: Seminars are held on new trends, buying programs and retailing techniques.

   Concept Revisions

  • New Smaller Footprints
  • Improved Economic Model Domestic &
  • International Multi-Unit Development Opportunities
  • Lower Point of Entry & Reduced Investment Costs
  • Veteran’s Programs

Why Consider a Business in the Health & Wellness Industry?

As a business owner, choosing the best investment option is an important decision. Given the wide array of options available in nearly every industry, selecting the right franchise opportunity is vital to your success.
The Health and Wellness Industry is currently a “10” billion dollar-plus industry and growing every year. Let’s face it: today’s Baby Boomers are more active, wants to look younger and act younger and will do anything that could help them. So, getting into an industry that is growing aggressively and shows no signs of going in a different direction establishes the first critical decision for your new business. This should have a positive impact on your business and profitability building on a positive foundation.

What client base will you be focusing on? The primary Foot Solutions client base is the 40-to-65-year-old woman. We also work with younger and older people that need our services but our core customer is the female 40-to-65-year-old.

Again, our focus is on holistic, non-invasive solutions that are affordable and effective.
Our franchisees have a passion for their products and the consistently positive results they get with their customers. Our customer testimonials are overflowing with rave review and thanks for the help we have delivered. This is one of the few business opportunities that allow the operators to really feel like they are helping people, hence our tagline, “We Make You Feel Good,” because that really is what we deliver.
We have our own lab in USA were we make our own Custom Orthotics and specialty lines of products, as well as exclusive specialty shoes that we search the world for.

On the floor, it is not about selling it, it is about the Foot Solutions unique free foot scan, analysis and assessment and our professional recommendations for the best solutions, and the unique in-store experience which develops strong customer satisfaction and referrals.