Before making the important decision to invest in a new business, here is what you need to know

Why is this business unique, profitable, and sustainable for your investment life cycle and a wise place to invest your money?

Is there a need?
Yes. Our customers are the 40 and older market, the fastest growing market with the highest financial strength. As we age our body change and the foot starts to collapses.

Where is this business opportunity in its life cycle?
Foot Solutions is at the beginning of its business life cycle with no major direct competitors and a growing need for our products and services.

Is the increasing need being met today?
No. 30% of people have some type of foot issue or problem. And, there is no national provider meeting this need. Some of the products are covered by insurance and our holistic approach is less expensive than medical solutions.

Is there great potential for growth?
Yes. Foot Solutions has five unique niche markets, each representing an underdeveloped marketplace. In addition, as we grow our network we can get national accounts. The US marketplace can easily support 1,000-plus stores. In addition, th ese services cannot be easily replicated and sold on websites.

Does the Franchisor bring the skill and support needed to drive a successful franchise business?
Yes. The CEO and founder has over 30 years of very successful franchisor experience and 35 years in the footwear industry. In addition, Foot Solutions has its own Certified Pedorthic Training Center and a strong operational and marketing support staff with over 100 combined years of franchise experience. Foot Solutions has successfully grown a 100-plus store network and has its own Lab making custom orthotics here in the USA.