The Foot Solutions Master Development programs are tied directly to International growth. There we are looking for a person or company located in the country or the area to actually open, sell and support Foot Solutions units and growth in their area/country.

1. The Developer will pay an upfront Master Development fee to attain the rights to exclusively sell and develop the Foot Solutions Brand and concept in their protected territory. This fee is dependent on the territory, its size, demographics, market potential, etc.

2. There will be a minimum performance schedule for a number of stores that must be opened over specified periods of time. Our typical agreements are 15 years in length with automatic renewals if minimum performance items are met.

3. The first store must be opened within the first 12 months of the agreement. The first store up front franchise fee is waived but the store will be responsible for paying the ongoing royalty fees.

Visit to see a typical Master Developer Website and locations in Ireland. This Master has 10 very successful stores and grew this business during the economic down turn that impacted almost every country in the world.

We would be happy to discuss Master Development opportunities with you. Please go to the “contact us” area and complete application.
Thank you!