Our Foot Solutions store is located in Aurora CO, and we’ve just completed our fourth fiscal year, with sales growing at 9.5% per year to attain sales this last fiscal year that were more than double the annual sales versus the first couple of years we were open.

Midway through this last year we were able to upgrade our staff, and as a consequence put more emphasis on custom orthotics to help our clientele with foot issues. We actually experienced during this period over a +200% increase in custom orthotics sales and an overall business sales of +15.4%.

There really isn’t anything better than building a business and at the same time building “A career helping people feel better!”

The Foot Solutions selling environment is very unique. It’s personal individualized selling, based on an assessment of the clients’ unique needs, which requires exceptional interpersonal skills, and a keen knowledge of Pedorthics. We experience a constant expression of customer appreciation and satisfaction on a daily basis.