It has been 14 years now and we have gone through the growth years, the recession years, and now the recover years have begun. Despite the tough years, this has been a great experience for me. I have been able to build up several stories, learn to manage and market a business, and learn about pedorthics. Besides the financial aspect, this is great reward in being able to positively impact so many peoples’ lives. We have had thousands of experiences like this from simply making people more comfortable while at work, to resolving pain that even their doctors weren’t successful in treating.
I embarked on the multiple-store route early on. After opening my Ahwatukee store in Phoenix in 202, I opened the Gilbert (now Mesa) store about two years later. About six years later, I purchased the store in Encinitas. The primary key to successful multiple-store ownership is to hire and train an effective manager who can learn to operate the entire business—not just the store. This includes marketing, inventory, management, product selection, etc. When I was able to do this, the stores were very successful and profitable.
My flagship store in Mesa is on a nice growth curve. At this writing, our 2016 sales are up almost 13% above last year’s.
With a consistent and faithful commitment to Pedorthics and truly helping your customers solve their foot and related pain issues, this business can easily generate more than 60% gross margins. With a well-trained staff, and optimal use of marketing dollars, Foot Solutions can generate a nice profit for the owner/operator of the store.
I would be happy to talk with any prospective franchisees. Looking forward to continuing success!