Foot Solutions of Peachtree City

I remember when I was first performing my due diligence toward becoming a franchisee.
I was considering a few different business models at the time. I called several 
Foot Solutions owners. They kept telling me the story of their first hugs. What? First hugs? What kind of business is this? When my wife and I purchased our own store, 
we learned what that really meant.

We had a local teacher come into our store explaining that she stood on her feet all day and at the end of the day her feet and back would hurt terribly. We evaluated her feet and her gait, then recommended some items for her particular needs, which she purchased. A few weeks later I ran into her at the grocery store. She walks up and 
literally hugs me right there in the middle of the cola aisle. She said her feet hadn’t felt that good in years. MY first hug. It really was quite a moving experience.
Michael Muncy, C.Ped.
Foot Solutions of Peachtree City