Foot Solutions is the world's largest and #1 ranked Health and Wellness Franchise!

Our focus is on the market between the medical shoe stores serving the medically challenged with very unfashionable footwear, and the comfort shoe stores that have comfortable and attractive footwear, but do not solve foot problems.

We have created our own unique market niche by recognizing the desire by society, Baby Boomers especially, to look, feel, and act younger.

We Have 6 Major Market Niches:

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Active/sports
  3. Comfort & Style
  4. Medical
  5. Arch Supports & Orthotics
  6. Corporate Programs

Foot Solutions

We are right behind you with 25 plus years of franchise experience and expertise.

Our business model has been perfected to give you an opportunity very early in its business life cycle with unmatched growth potential.

A barrier of entry is accomplished by the innovative products that are only available at FOOT SOLUTIONS. Direct purchasing eliminates the middle man, helps maintain high profit margins and reduces on-hand inventory needs at your store. Our state-of-the-art distribution center is located in one of the logistics capitals of the world – Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We conduct continual Research and Development on a world wide basis to maintain our leadership position

Foot Solutions Franchise Review

Consider these facts:

  • Baby Boomers are marching toward a more active retirement than any other generation before them, and they are thefastest growing market in the USA.
  • Health and Wellness industry sales are in the billions and rising.
  • Doctors are increasingly referring their patients with diabetes, obesity and heart disease for comfort and fitness shoes and orthotics. You’ll connect with the community medical and health and wellness community, as well as diabetic educators, to enhance and establish your credibility and increase medical referrals.
  • The younger, active, athletic consumer is educated about orthotics and inserts for better balance, better performance and injury prevention.
  • 40% of the work force is on their feet 4+ hours a day and need proper footwear and support to perform their job effectively.
  • The Comfort Shoe Industry is rapidly growing due to the demand of these demographic groups!
  • NSRA studies show the Comfort Shoe Industry as the only footwear group showing growth each year.